1. Book Recommendations by: Lai Yu Tong

    Hello, Yu Tong! Can you recommend us some books?

    1. An unreliable guidebook to jewellery, Lisa Walker
    I like when artists do not take themselves too seriously when they talk about their work and Lisa Walker is very good at that. I like that the fonts in the book are super big and she often doesn't say much. I haven't thought much about jewellery before but was amazed…

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  2. Book Recommendations by: Liu Liling

    Hello, Liling! Can you recommend us some books?

    1. Pig 05049, Christien Meindertsma
    I was first drawn to this because of the plug on the book’s spine. It is a very informative compilation of consumables and oddities (sandpaper, bone china figurines...) made from a pig's body parts.

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  3. Book Recommendations by: Berny Tan

    Hello, Berny! Can you recommend us three titles?

    1. Science of the Secondary: Bin + Rubbish Bundle, Atelier HOKO
    The latest in Atelier HOKO's long-running Science of the Secondary series, these are companion publications that unfold the forms, gestures, and intents of what we throw away, making us conscious of…

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  4. Book Recommendations by: Aki Hassan

    Hello, Aki! Can you recommend us three titles?

    1. Flavour of the Day, Tae Parvit
    This book by Tae Parvit is beautifully put together. I love it when drawings feel like they are fleeting on their own but are also able to ground themselves in a collective.

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  5. What are artists' books?

    Unlike an art book, catalogue or monograph that tend to showcase artworks created in another medium, the term ‘artists’ books’ refers to publications that have been conceived as artworks in their own right.

    While artists’ books can take many forms, there are a few elements that are common across the practice…

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  6. Book Talk: On Holding Space

    Date: 16 Jul 2022, Saturday
    Time: 3:00pm – 5:00pm
    Venue: Temporary Unit [22 New Industrial Road, #06-01/02, Singapore 536208]

    On Holding Space is a publication that unfurls present ecologies of generosity by way of examining how holding space for one another might colour the way we move…

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