Book Recommendations by: Ang Song Nian

Book Recommendations by: Ang Song Nian

Hello, Song Nian! Can you recommend us some books?

1. Tropical Reading: Photobook and Self-Publishing, Fotobook DUMMIES Day

Because THEBOOKSHOW, my like-minded friends and I.


2. Installation View: Photography Exhibitions in Australia (1848 – 2020), Daniel Palmer & Martyn Jolly

This book presents a well-researched chronology of exhibition and installation views of photography exhibitions in Australia between 1848 and 2020, allowing a deeper look into the ecology of Australian photography, its artists, audience as well as the institutions involved.


3. The Mountain Survey, Marvin Tang

The Mountain Survey is a body of work that Marvin has worked on diligently over the last 6 years. The book takes us across the island, digging deep into the nation's history and building through quiet observations of visitors to Little Guilin (小桂林) in Bukit Gombak, detailing traces of quarry works and sites, and past newspaper articles chronicling unfortunate events related to quarry blast activities. Strongly recommend! 5 out of 5 stars!


What are you currently reading?

When Cooking Was a Crime: Masak in the Singapore Prisons 1970s – 80s, Sheere Ng

The concept of freedom manifested through desires, desperation and resourcefulness. The idea of this book is thrilling, warms my heart, inspires me through the intriguing sharing of eight former inmates.


What is your most treasured book?

Picture of My Life, Junpei Ueda (Published by Ceiba Editions)
One of the most tender, touching and honest photobooks I have ever come across.

Thank you, Song Nian!

Ang Song Nian is an artist, runs THEBOOKSHOW, teaches photography, loves initiating projects involving his like-minded friends, keeps himself busier with his two daughters, and rears a vantablack plakat betta.