1. Book Recommendations by: Ivan Ong

    Hello, Ivan! Can you recommend us some books?

    1. Rosa, Simone Gooch & Derek Henderson
    Rosa, to me, is an amalgamation of what I love to do, floristry with set styling. Not to mention, this is probably just a snippet of the variety of roses that exist in this world! Apart from the lovely imagery, there is a glossary of the species of roses used and there is an interview with a nursery that dedicated their lives to roses.

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  2. Book Recommendations by: ila

    Hello, ila! Can you recommend us some books?

    1. rules for photographing a scoliotic patient, Woong Soak Teng
    rules for photographing a scoliotic patient is a wonderful mix of archival materials, personal encounters and playful design. Definitely something I can return to again and again...

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  3. Book Recommendations by: Lai Yu Tong

    Hello, Yu Tong! Can you recommend us some books?

    1. An unreliable guidebook to jewellery, Lisa Walker
    I like when artists do not take themselves too seriously when they talk about their work and Lisa Walker is very good at that. I like that the fonts in the book are super big and she often doesn't say much. I haven't thought much about jewellery before but was amazed…

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  4. Book Recommendations by: Liu Liling

    Hello, Liling! Can you recommend us some books?

    1. Pig 05049, Christien Meindertsma
    I was first drawn to this because of the plug on the book’s spine. It is a very informative compilation of consumables and oddities (sandpaper, bone china figurines...) made from a pig's body parts.

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  5. Book Recommendations by: Berny Tan

    Hello, Berny! Can you recommend us three titles?

    1. Science of the Secondary: Bin + Rubbish Bundle, Atelier HOKO
    The latest in Atelier HOKO's long-running Science of the Secondary series, these are companion publications that unfold the forms, gestures, and intents of what we throw away, making us conscious of…

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  6. Book Recommendations by: Aki Hassan

    Hello, Aki! Can you recommend us three titles?

    1. Flavour of the Day, Tae Parvit
    This book by Tae Parvit is beautifully put together. I love it when drawings feel like they are fleeting on their own but are also able to ground themselves in a collective.

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