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New Paintings

Keegan McHargue

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Published by Nieves

In this collection of new large-scale paintings we find the artist at perhaps his most painterly; familiar themes and motives remain, but scale, color and mark-making show a commitment to pushing his craft into complex and uncharted directions.

At moments tightly controlled and at others free-form, the works transcend style as McHargue reaches for something not only visually engaging and reflective of the mood of our current world, but also something outside this realm entirely in ways that only painting can.

For the past two decades, Keegan McHargue has concerned himself with the tension between tragedy and comedy that lies in the undercurrents of everyday life, while letting his work develop its own unique narrative. McHargue’s semi-abstract oil paintings blend identifiable figures and motifs with objects of the artist’s imagination.

195 x 255 mm
Paperback, saddle stitch
ISBN 9783907179338