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Huat Lim

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Published by Suburbia Projects

Automatism was not a thing we understand today as it was back in the early 80s when Zaha Hadid was the flavour and also when Coop Himmelblau was emerging to be the new avant-garde. Sadly Hilma Af Klint was not yet known and her work was largely kept inside the United States under cover. Nothing was then written about her psychic art.

From Andre Breton to Jackson Pollock we see this energy trail which continues to run deeply inside today's art and philosophy. Written for a thesis at the Architectural Association, and edited for this age, is a book which is could become dear to many who would count the subconscious as a necessary aide for some of the very best artists, musicians and writers.

130 x 200 mm
Paperback, coptic stitch binding
ISBN 9789672585923