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Orawan Arunrak

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COUNTING (นับ) by Orawan Arunrak is an artist’s book in a form of a box. Each box contains a set of vocabulary cards with photos taken as journals from places the artist has visited, with drawings and sketches, her archive of the working process. It also includes “Migration Figures: Moving, Translating, Counting”, an essay related to the exhibition by Ho Rui An with Thai translation by Judha Su.

Arunrak’s work is largely inspired by her everyday life. Using tools like pencils, pens, paper, but also photography and the internet, she created works that take the forms of drawing, painting and installation. Her practice is aimed at engaging in dialogue with local inhabitants in and attempt to merge the space of art and non-art. Repeatedly crossing national, cultural and spiritual borders, Arunrak’s work has examined likeness and difference within and between varied locations in both Asia and Europe where she has lived in recently years, and based on relationships she has with these places.

Boxset: 155 x 218 x 45 mm
Contains: 2 booklets, sketch card, vocabulary cards, information card

Booklet: 148 x 210 mm, 12pp, paperback, saddle stitch
Mini Booklet: 110 x 170 mm, 48pp, paperback, saddle stitch
Information Card: 148 x 210 mm
Sketch Card: 148 x 210 mm
Vocabulary Cards: 100 x 140 mm, 52 cards, loose sheets

English, Thai
Printed by Plan.B Limited
Designed by Manita Songserm
ISBN 9786169274384
Signed & numbered