• Dennis and Denise
  • Dennis and Denise
  • Dennis and Denise
  • Dennis and Denise

Dennis and Denise

Clare Goodwin

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Published by Nieves

Five writers respond to Clare Goodwin’s painting Dennis and Denise (2018), offering narrative foils to Goodwin’s visual language. Dennis and Denise is neither described nor explained, but serves as a catalyst for literary experimentation. The texts, in turn, illustrate the painting’s wealth of implicit meaning.

Tony Grisoni is a British screenwriter and filmmaker living in London, Rebecca Geldard is a British writer and art critic based in Wales, Chris ­Fite-Wassilak is an American writer and art critic living in London, Frances Loeffler is a British writer and curator based in Canada, Aoife Rosenmeyer is an Irish writer, art critic and translator based in Zürich, J. Emil Sennewald is a German art critic, writer and philosophy teacher based in Paris. Clare Goodwin is a British artist and curator living in Zürich.

111 x 178 mm
Paperback, perfect bound
ISBN 9783905999952