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Robert Zhao Renhui

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Published by The Institute of Critical Zoologists

At 7pm every day, thousands of Javan Mynas descend onto trees along Orchard Road, a major shopping and tourist district in Singapore. They have been the bane of retailers and shoppers for the past few years, dirtying pavements with their droppings and emitting a ferocious noise with their collective squawking.

Great congregations of Javan Mynas are not uncommon in Singapore. A colonising species, the Indonesian bird was first introduced to Singapore as pets in the 1920s. Now they have out-competed its larger relative, the Common Myna, to became the most common bird in Singapore.

The artist spent a month in a tree trying to photograph these birds.

228 x 300 mm
Paperback, with dustjacket
ISBN 9789810983109
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