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Savage Garden

Tae Parvit

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Savage Garden is a set of publication create for its exhibition. It's included with 3 parts:

1) Sunset — A screenshot from the video installation, it was taken in the artist’s house in Bangkok;
2) Leaf — It's some part of the line drawings series that the artists made after a trip to a rainforest in the south of Thailand.
3) Savage Garden Soundtrack— Jay Vattanakuljaras and Tae Parvit create ambient music that’s inspired from house, garden, sharp plants and dead trees.

Tae Parvit (b. 1993, Bangkok, Thailand) expresses abstractions of reality through a myriad of means. Even though taking inspiration from personal experiences and the world around him, his works  transcend merely being auto-biographical chronicles. Rather, he draws viewers into realms of colours that meld images, times, and stories in melodious harmony and counterpoint. He lives and works in Bangkok.

290 x 210 mm
Paperback, loose bound

210 x 150 mm
Paperback, perfect bound

125 x 140 mm